We provide a clear, deep, and sometime sudden understanding of complicated problems or situations, we provide insight.

Our analytics has the power to transform all aspects of your business regardless of its size. We deliver the insights you need to achieve greater effectiveness though clear and concise information presented dynamically and graphically. 

Environmental social governance (ESG)

Any organization or group wishing to understand the environmental and social impacts of industry must have the ability to distill authoritative data into accurate information using robust, transparent and peer reviewed methodologies. We are expert in developing the analytics frameworks necessary to gather available data and generate ESG performance measures.  Our solution (ESG Insight™) is unparalleled in the insight it provides.  

Environmental social and governance consulting

Government and industry associations
HSE Analytics is expert in establishing, maintaining, and enhancing analytics programs for government (local/provincial/federal) and industry associations. As an example, HSE Analytics recently completed an end-to-end analytics program build for the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) tracking environmental and social impacts over 6 years and >70,000 hours. HSE Analytics provided the technical resources necessary to build and maintain the technology platform as well as the data science expertise necessary to function as CAPP’s “analytics back office”.

Oil and gas operators
Upstream oil and gas operators that have published sustainability reports based on internal data can compare those results to performance measures derived from authoritative sources using (ESG Insight™) and the supporting expertise of HSE Analytics.
  • Reconciling internal vs. authoritative data
    • Should performance information derived from authoritative sources disagree with that derived from internal data, (ESG Insight™) may be used to “drill through” to the asset level to identify reasons for any inconsistency. The supporting expertise of HSE Analytics is available to assist this process.
  • Sustainability reporting
    • In cases where an operator has not published a comprehensive sustainability report (ESG Insight™) and the supporting expertise of HSE Analytics can be used to generate the credible performance information necessary to communicate effectively with investors.

    Sustainable finance
    Investors and parties interested in understanding the environmental and social impacts of industry can obtain this information via (ESG Insight™) and the supporting consulting activity of HSE Analytics. Performance information and rankings available through (ESG Insight™) are derived from the best available authoritative data.

    Empirical based advocacy

    We have a proven record of delivering the analytics required to build successful empirical based advocacy programs for Canada’s largest trade associations.




    Community outreach

    We have leveraged authoritative multi-sector data sets to create outreach information describing the positive impacts of industry due to activity, taxes, employment, etc. This information is made available at all levels of jurisdiction for consumption by the public, community leaders and government officials.

    Financial “what-if”

    Frustrated by complex financial modeling and viability projections using hard-to-maintain, highly complex, intransigent, collaboration-hindering excel sheets? Use our robust financial “what-if” platform to see massive improvements in efficiency, scalability, transparency, model accessibility and collaboration both internally and across stakeholder organizations.

    Analytics for small and medium businesses (SMBs) 

    The substantial budget and timeline required to build an analytics team and system is a major challenge for SMBs. We offer a gold standard platform and process as well as the services of a full team of experts for a fraction of the cost of an internal team.