Our analytics apply across industries


We have immense breadth and significant experience in many industries.


trade associations and advocacy groups

For trade associations and advocacy groups we create empirical based advocacy solutions that promote fact-based decisions based on the best available data. We have also created community outreach reporting for government and the general public that demonstrates positive impact on communities.


We created the end to end health and safety performance management program for the energy sector’s national Health and Safety association. We also created the analytics program used by the energy sector’s largest national trade association to assess and monitor the environmental and social impacts of the industry.

natural resource industries

Our experts have extensive experience with the resource industries. We build analytics programs which support operations, Environmental, Social and Governance reporting, and empirical-based advocacy. We offer a platform that resource organizations keen to use analytics to improve business performance can access at minimal cost.

government services

Our analytics capabilities can be extended to the federal, provincial and local governments, utilizing reporting and advanced analytics to cover aspects such as employment, public services, community outreach, industry impact, health and safety, and others. We connect to numerous publicly available data sets made available by the federal as well as provincial governments, and can integrate across to create holistic views of any topic of interest.

logistics and warehousing

We have created analytics solutions that incorporate financial reporting, inventory, demand forecasting and others. We partner with vendors that offer logistics services to create focused analytics products.


For small and medium sized banks looking for a cost effective way to analyze their finances, understand their members or measure branch performance, we offer an analytics platform that can be customized and branded to specific needs.


We have created analytics strategies for financial services that aligned with their vision and set forward a path to optimize analytics in the organization. We have created campaign automation solutions, measured campaign effectiveness and used customer behavior to create better segments for marketing. We have derived self service analytics to derive insights from billions of records.


For a global telecommunications infrastructure provider, we created a data warehouse, visualizations and an analytics framework.  Our work allowed our client to identify inefficiencies in multi-million-dollar construction projects and resulted in saving millions.

small and medium businesses (SMBs)

The substantial budget and timeline required to build an analytics team and system is a major challenge for SMBs. We offer a gold standard platform and process as well as a full team of experts for the cost of less than one employee. Start delivering the analytics you need to grow your business now.