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A clear understanding of the strengths and limitations of the information currently available from both internal and external sources is necessary to understand its utility and the gaps which must be addressed to plot the path forward. The research services of HSE Analytics will allow your organization to quickly gain this understanding.

Example projects

Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers – Responsible Canadian Energy (RCE) program data evolution project (May 2014 – Present)

In order to maintain its social license, the oil and gas industry requires the ability to generate and communicate credible performance information. It is the role of HSE Analytics in this project to document and evaluate the environmental performance information gathered in CAPP’s RCE program as well as federal and provincial monitoring programs. This project will involve exploring methods of leveraging that information through the HSE Analytics Platform.

Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers – Extension and Harmonization of Health and Safety Metrics in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (April 2012–present)

In the western provinces, the Workers’ Compensation Boards (WCBs) are the only source of standardized information that enables an industry’s performance to be assessed. Despite representing a valuable starting point, the information gathered by the WCBs is insufficient to fully support continuous improvement. The roles of HSE Analytics in this project are to: audit provincial WCB information systems to identify available information; identify areas in need of harmonization and/or enhancement; outline a harmonization/enhancement strategy in light of the current regulatory structure in place in British Columbia, Alberta, or Saskatchewan; and outline an advocacy plan relative to each province.

Enform Performance Metrics Program (February 2009–present)

The purpose of this program is to gather information collected by western Canadian WCBs (Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan) that will increase the ability of the upstream oil and gas industry to identify health and safety issues, design effective programs to counteract risk, and measure the effectiveness of programs across provinces. In 2013 the information resources created in the program were made accessible to stakeholders through HSE Analytics Platform (rebranded the Enform Performance Metrics Tool). The responsibilities of HSE Analytics in this project include: interacting with petroleum industry trade associations, member companies, and provincial governments; directing the amalgamation of the western Canadian WCB information systems; creating technical reports that describe the health and safety performance of Enform funding industries; training personnel to use the information resource created; and disseminating the findings to stakeholders, including the Enform Advisory Committee and Board of Directors.