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Application Features

Flexible access

Both The HSE Management System and the HSE Analytics Platform are accessible through either an internal deployment over an intranet or over the internet through a secure environment hosted by HSE Analytics.

Internet based

Both the HSE Management System and HSE Analytics Platform are Internet based, accessible from any location and highly scalable (may be used by a large number of simultaneous users within any number of organization units). The internet based model proves cost effective by centralizing the IT resources necessary to support the application and allowing companies to benefit from economies of scale. When hosted by HSE Analytics the IT resources necessary to support the applications are centralized offsite eliminating the burden associated with issues such as data backup, new version deployment, network infrastructure, etc., which are normally the responsibility of internal IT departments.


Both HSE Analytics applications comply with all privacy legislation including the Heath Information Act. Our applications are regularly audited to ensued compliance. Our systems include both internal user permissions and encrypted dual authentication login requirements.

Integration with existing systems

The HSE Analytics applications support integration with existing electronic systems such as human resources systems or asset management systems (the HSE Management System) and unique databases (the HSE Analytics Platform). Data from multiple sources can be integrated.


HSE Analytics offers on-line and class room based training associated with basic use, advanced use, and administration of both the HSE Management System and the HSE Analytics Platform.


HSE Analytics provides on line chat support within its applications. Support options range from 24 hours per day 7 days per week to just a few hours per day.